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COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocol

Dear guests, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the new regulations from the Ministry of Tourism (law 1881/29.5.2020) Filis Apartments is changing the procedures and services offered, to minimize personal contact with our staff and to protect all our guests, according to the new government regulations. All guests must agree to those policies before arriving. 

The apartment will be delivered thoroughly cleaned. 

As per government regulations, check-in will be strictly after 3pm.


As per government regulations, check-out time will be strictly until 11am to allow enough time for the thorough cleaning of the apartment to take place before the new guest arrives. 


Change of towels/linens
Our staff will provide clean new towels/linens every 3-4 days.

Moving within the apartment’s premises
Since other people will be using the apartment’s exterior premises as well (e.g. main building entrance door, common stairs, garden accessories), all guests are kindly requested to avoid close contact with other people and to use any necessary protection measures. This could include masks, regular hand-washing and use of disinfectant after touching public space surfaces (e.g. doorknobs, stair rails) and when entering the apartment, as well as any other instructions publicly announced by the authorities. Please familiarize yourself with the official health instructions and regulations before travelling.​


In case of suspicious symptoms:
As per the new regulations, Filis Apartments will have an Associate Doctor available in case a guest shows symptoms of COVID-19. In such case, the procedure is the following:

1. The guests must immediately report to us in case of suspicious symptoms
2. The associate Doctor will be informed to examine the case
3. In case of serious symptoms, the patient will be transferred to the nearest COVID-19 health center. If the local hospital is not suitable for handling COVID-19 cases, the patient will be transferred (with ambulance) to the nearest suitable Hospital.
4. In case of mild symptoms, the patient is tested from the Associate Doctor for COVID-19
5. The patient and the group must stay in the apartment until the results of the test arrive
6.  In case of a positive result, the patient (and one guardian e.g. spouse) will be transferred to the local COVI-19 quarantine hospital.


Guests’ information
It is obligatory by the regulations to record the following information from all the guests:

1.    Name
2.    Nationality
3.    Arrival and departure date
4.    Contact information (home address, phone, email)

Therefore, the guests must consent to provide the requested information and agree with the GDPR rules. The reason for the recording is to allow the communication with close contacts to inform them in case a positive test is identified at a later timing. The information will be deleted 2 weeks after departure.

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